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Moving from Android to iPhone 6S : First Impressions

I recently moved back from using a Samsung Note 2 for almost 3 years to a brand new iPhone 6S phone. Before my Note 2 I had a iPhone going back all the way to the original iPhone. December 7, 2015alex Apple,Blog News,Hardware android,blogging,Hardware,iphone Read This Post

Comparing the speed of a Devolo / TP-Link homeplug versus a RJ-45 cable

Procrastination can sometimes be measured in years. In this particular case, 15 years passed between asking the electrician to run a CAT-5 RJ-45 cable to the first floor when building our house and t… October 10, 2015alex Hardware devolo,internet,network,review,tools Read This Post

UP24 and why I will buy a Fitbit next time

TL;DR The design flaw of the UP24 makes for a product that breaks easily and cannot be repaired. It is too expensive for what it delivers. March 30, 2015alex Blog News blogging,Hardware,life,review Read This Post

Surface Pro 3 Review

I’ve been using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 ( a 2in1 hybrid tablet/laptop pc ) for a few months now, and I thought this would be a good time to share some feedback. The Surface Pro 3 I bought is e… January 18, 2015alex Blog News Hardware,review,surface Read This Post

SquareUp accepts CHIP cards now – will it be enough to get back on track ?

It seems that Square has seen the light, perhaps sooner than the rest of the US : swiping your card is showing to be more and more to be a security and fraud risk. In 2015, all new cards in the US wil… August 4, 2014alex Blog News blogging,chip-and-pin,Security Read This Post

Google ChromeCast : nice but limited (in Belgium, for now)

Last month I was passing through France and had the opportunity to buy a Google Chrome Cast doohicky for 35 euros; since then you can now also buy it in Belgium. For those not in the know : the Chrome… June 16, 2014alex Blog News Hardware,review,tools,youtube Read This Post

TP-Link, D-Link, Devolo with HomePlug AV are all compatible

I just bought a new TP-Link starter kit to replace my last Devolo device (since I’m not a fan of Devolo anymore). Cheap when compared to other devices, especially as it has 2 ETHernet ports, whi… February 5, 2014alex Blog News devolo,Hardware,homeplug Read This Post

Importing a comma-separated csv file into Numbers Tool

I created this to scratch an itch of mine when reading a csv file into Numbers that contained commas. It turned out that Numbers puts each line into a single cell. It ignores the commas. And there&#82… February 2, 2014alex Blog News Apple,numbers,Programming,python,tools Read This Post

Apple iWork updates : Numbers becomes slightly more useful

Some new iWork updates this morning on my Mac Mini : KeyNotes, Pages and Numbers can now save password protected documents, can now display charts based on time series, more compatibility with MS Offi… January 24, 2014alex Blog News Apple,iWorks,tools,upgrade Read This Post



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