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UP24 and why I will buy a Fitbit next time

TL;DR The design flaw of the UP24 makes for a product that breaks easily and cannot be repaired. It is too expensive for what it delivers.

Last year, the second of July 2014, I bought an activity tracker from Jawbone, called the UP24. It was very stylishly made in matt black plastic. It performed well and has made me realise I need to move more. So far so good.

But now, less than a year later it is broken. The plastic is deforming at both ends, the small status light no longer works, battery charging is nearly impossible because the connector is loose and the button on the other end no longer works.

It has become just a piece of dark plastic that I will probably have to throw away. 150 euros down the drain (it currently sells for 129 euros, fyi).

My colleague, who has a Fitbit, recently broke his plastic bracelet. Rather than buying a new activity tracker, he just bought a new bracelet for about 30 euros. Still a lot of money for a plastic bracelet, but a whole lot cheaper than buying a new Fitbit.

The Fitbit itself is just a small device inside the bracelet, so he transfered it into his new bracelet. While he paid 30 euros for the bracelet, at least his is still functioning. At least he had the choice to replace it whole or in part.

I love the app, I love the functionality. But I don’t like throwing money away.

The next activity tracker will need to be sturdier, and/or be able to be repaired or have similar functionality like the Fitbit. So the next activity tracker unfortunately for Jawbone, won’t be anything from them.

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It gets better…

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What you need to do.

I’ve been busy lately with coding, with family, with the kids. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for blogging. Especially if you want to *do* something like writing your own analytics for Twitter 🙂 which sorta consumes you if you are just a one-man show.

But sometimes you find something that is worth mentioning. Heck that is worth shouting out for and saying, Yep! This is it !

So without further ado: This is what an entrepreneur (or anybody else for that matter) needs to do. Image by Bud Caddell.
Venn Diagram - Happiness in Business

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The new trend : old women with boob implants!

Or as Michel says it (Delicious entry on january 1, 2009) : My Eyes! My Eyes! It burns!!!

I always thought that this would come : once those beautiful lipo-sucked, collagen-pumped women turn old and wrinkly, the only thing that is left on them is their breast and/or cheek implants… Donatella Versace is living proof of that…


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Hitting the nail on the head

Will Shiply has a very good post about a blind spot most people have. About the fact that we are denial machines, always overly optimistic.

It also links to TED talks, which is a new discovery to me. Really good talks !