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Windows Mobile 5 tricks & tips

I’m going to collect some tips and tricks from other websites for managing my Windows Mobile 5 on my HP Ipaq, since it’s consistently slowwwwww.

Standard Disclaimer : Please note that, should you want to try them out, you do this at your own risk and your results may vary.

Update : for the Qtek 9100 (Wizard, MDA Vario, SPV 3000) : see my Qtips page.

We start with moving some mail and files out of the way :
Fred Pullens Blog : Low on Windows Mobile Memory? Fear Not

1. To move email onto your memory card (SEE WARNING BELOW), do the following:

Create these directories:

\Storage Card\Mail
\Storage Card\Mail\Attachments

In HKEY_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\MAPI, create the following STRING entries:

AttachPath = "\Storage Card\Mail\Attachments" (without the quotes)
PropertyPath = "\Storage Card\Mail" (ditto)

2. To move your Internet Explorer settings onto the card, do the following:

Create these directories:

\Storage Card\IECache\Temporary Internet Files
\Storage Card\IECache\Cookies
\Storage Card\IECache\History

EDIT : Do not use the Temp folder on your storage card, this seems to get locked from time to time, which means your ppc starts to use the default storage aka your main memory.

In HKEY_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders, edit the existing three registry entries (pointing \Windows\Profiles\guest\…) to match the folders you just created.

Note that if your card is named “SD Card”, like mine was, you need to adapt those entries in the registry.

3. You can move some other files like Pocket Informant also out of the way. A utility like MemMaid can also do this, provided it knows about the application. Very usefull !

In some other sites, there is talk about the filesys.exe using an inordinate amount of CPU, thus slowing down the pocket pc. Here is a thread on a microsoft msdn blog that discusses why filesys does what it does and why you need to put as much as possible on your storage card. Interesting !

Set ActiveSync to manual activation :

  • Launch ActiveSync on your pocket pc
  • Choose Menu, Add Server Source
  • Input ‘something’ for the server address
  • Next
  • Again, fill something in (whatever you want) for Username, Password and Domain
  • Make sure that every field is filled in
  • Next
  • Finish
  • Now, do Menu, Schedule
  • Set both Peak times & Off-peak times to Manually
  • OK
  • Do Menu, Options
  • Select Exchange Server and delete it thus removing the settings you have just entered
  • OK to exit

You can tune your own cache level :

* Boost Windows Mobile 5 performance up to 20 percent

CacheSize = 0x1FA0 (8096)

EnableCache = 0x1 (1)

ReplStoreCacheSize = 0x1FA0 (8096)

* The following entry does not exist – you need to create two new DWORDS here

DataCacheSize=0x1FA0 (8096)
Flags=0x28 (40)

* Boost your icon cache – this used to be 8192

[HKLM\System\GDI\GLYPHCACHE\limit=0x8000 (32768)

* Soft reset for changes to take effect. Default values for all keys are 0

Update :

  • there’s a ROM update for the HP iPaq hx2000 series
  • Why Flushing the memory is important
  • Filesys.exe throttler for the hx2xxx models (try each one until one works, then copy that one to the startup folder
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If you’ve got a Qtek 9100 (also called a HTC Wizard, an MDA Vario or an MPV 3000) I’ve got a specific page up now for that PDA-phone – it’s called the Qtips page .

Your instructions killed my phone.

I will be suing you and will also get this blog shut down.

All of them worked for me, otherwise I wouldn’t have published them.

These tips and tricks are nothing new, they come from lots of other websites, as you can see I linked everywhere to the original page if possible.

It’s just handy to have them all together in one post.

If you want to try them, please feel free, but AT YOUR OWN RISK and YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY. I thought that you would have figured that out.

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