iPaq HX2415 WM5 ROM Update available

The iPaq hx2000 series ROM upgrade for Windows Mobile 5 is available.

The update itself does not clean out and reformat all your data, I’m glad to say – ofcourse, YMMV 🙂

I do seem to have less SD card disappearances and less hangups. It’s not any faster, if that’s what you are wondering. For that, you’ll need to change some registry settings.

For the english firmware update, there is also a seperate Bluetooth update, which I can’t install – I don’t have enough storage space left ! For the bluetooth update you need 5 MB (hopefully only during install, please let that be true!) and I only have 2 to 3 MB left over.

And that is aftermoving the Temporary Internet File folder to my SD card and installing everything up to Pocket Informant to my SD card.

I’ll have to see if I can’t recuperate some RAM by lowering my cache settings – I set them so they use up 8MB of memory, so lowering those values might help me get over that magickal 5 MB limit.

Funny, as I recall I used to have about 12 MB free – but that was before I started installing lotsaprogs…

The trouble with the hx2415 is that it has only 64 MB (flash)RAM that is divided between stored programs (your c:drive so to speak) and the actual RAM where you program is executed in. Even if you install most of your programs on your SD or CompactFlash card, most of these install the today plugins and other dlls in your windows folder, thus bloating your program folder, making your executing space smaller and smaller.

All the new PDA’s that run WM5 really need 128 (flash)RAM – they should have no problems installing stuff.

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