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After a *very* long hiatus I’ve started running again – no telling how long I’ll keep this up, but it’s suprising how good you can feel again in the morning after a run, the sense of ‘well’ being when you wake up.

Sort of like your body is happy to be moving again, after all that slacking around. Plus I seem to be getting more energy out of my sheduled runnings… Instead of just running until I’m out of breath, I’m following a schedule I found on the internet.

I’m in week 3 now, following a schedule a bit similar to start2run : the first week run one minute, then walk one minute; do this 8 times. Week 2 you run two minutes, walk one minute, etcetera.
Since I didn’t run a lot last week, I am redoing week 2 again.

No weight loss yet, though. In fact, I am more hungry than usual !

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