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Summer Sale : Prince of Persia

FNAC is doing a summer sale : for each main gaming platform they’ve selected 5 games you can buy (until stocks last) at only 19.99 instead of the usual 40 or 50 euros.

Prince of Persia was in the list of games for PSP. I snapped it up today, since I played it on the pc.

Reviews give it between 6.4 and 7 out of 10. Not bad, but not super either.

Update : I’ve been playing the first levels – so far, it is almost identical to the pc version I played six or more months ago – up to the point I can follow my memory of the pc game.

All the reviews state that their is a lot of stuttering and sound problems.
While I’ve noticed that the sound sometimes is not really in sync, it is not stuttering, and the gameplay seems fine to me, albeit there is some loading.

Maybe because my firmware is 2.70 ? Would Sony have done something like including patches or upping the cpu speed for certain games that have come out ?

‘Dads Rating’ : Frustrating ! 

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