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Wheeee !

Funny thing, that. You have a blog that you’re absolutely, positively certain you’re only writing for yourself and your own progeny (even if it is doubtfull my children – once they can read – are interested in what their dad did and wrote all those long years ago) and suddenly while looking through those stats, you find people referring to your blog.

It’s a weird feeling, I’ll tell you. It’s supposed to work this way, except I never quite expected it.

But it seems my Windows Mobile 5 tips and tricks post is getting a lot of referrals. Even made it to the frontpage of, which is a thai (?) site about PDAs.
Time to start setting up Adsense ? I doubt it, the number of visits are still small, but who knows, who knows indeed ?

For posterity, and in case this only happened by a fluke, I’ve made a screenshot of their homepage and cropped it a bit to show the relevant link.

Screenshot PDAMobiz

Basking in glory, that’s how I feel. 🙂

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