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Sam and Tom update

Sam is running around now, faster and faster. When he is running in your direction and he sees you he laughs, and then runs the other way ! He can be VERY fast.
During the last 2 weeks or so, with us repeating the motions in front of him all the time, he has learned to point his hand and finger to something he wants, and since a few days he says ‘aa’ (stand for ‘ja’ or yes) when we ask him if this is the thing he wants.

He seems to reflect on stuff he has learned and then re-using it when we least expect it. He loves opening and closing doors. Especially closing them, always repeating ‘deutoe’ (aka ‘deur toe’ aka close the door).

All this while he is 14 months old !

Tom is going bikeriding. Yesterday we went for a walk in Hallerbos, the woods nearby. No cars allowed during weekends, broad roads, so excellent for Tom and his little bike. Still on side-wheels, but that will change in the future. For now he has to learn to have fun on his bike, which he anyways prefers vastly to walking.

He was very brave, and for the chance of getting a pancake at ‘Het Kriekske’ (they didn’t have any, but he had a nice real-raspberry ice-cream instead) he biked for 2.5 hours through the woods. Both he and Sam slept very well !

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