Windows Mobile 5 File Cleanup or Move to SD Card

While most or almost all the files in the Windows directory on your PDA are in ROM, and thus not deletable, lots of applications *do* put stuff in there, going from .dll files to .log files. I found this out while looking through the files on my PDA that are stored in Windows directory.

Some of those you can even delete or move to another location without any problems :

For example :
– For those of you with iPaqs, Credant technologies (the people behind the HP ProtectTools) generates a logfile called HPProtectTools.0.txt that rolls over (creates a new one) every 100K. When I was going through my Windows folder, there were 3 of them, taking up 272K. You can delete them all. Remember to revisit it from time to time…
– Pocket Informant installs a whopping 1027K dll in your Windows directory. YMMV, but I copied it to my SD Card and then used a registry editor to look for the registry entry.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/WebIS/PocketInformant/PIToolsLoc < - change this to the new dll location

Sure enough, it works. No major crashes.

Apparently Tweaks2K will move dll's for you to another place. To be investigated...

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