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Twitter dying ?

I’ve been following the first week of Elon Musk taking over Twitter and all the changes he has implemented, including, apparently, firing half the workforce.

Moving to Mastodon is a solution, but then again, it’s totally different from Twitter (at least the last time I looked at it). Will have to look again soon.

I’m certain that there are other twitter clones out there being born as we speak…

Anyway. I’ve kept this blog up and running, with Twitter possibly going the way of the dodo, and Medium promoting paid content, it might be relevant to keep this blog around and start updating it again.

Curious to see what changes Elon will bring to Twitter next week.

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Bootstrap from twitter is very cool

A few months ago I mentioned Foundation from ZURB which to me was a pretty neat way to write some functional html and css code for a quick setup of a website or setting up a basic layout.

These last few days I’ve been busy with learning Bootstrap, which is made by the guys from Twitter, and while Foundation was definitely cool, I must admit that Bootstrap just fits me better and offers me more possibilities. YMMV ofcourse.

It may be because I had Foundation as a basis, and thus was already accustomed to the way things worked, but I learned the methods used much quicker than with Foundation.

I’ve made a decent, good-looking one-page landingpage website with a image Carousel in less than a day, and as a test I’ve reworked an existing website to see what it could do.

In less than a day I had a fully navigational website : full navbar, with menu, fluid rows that resized in most browsers on the fly with buttons and a good layout.

I am really impressed with the speed I’ve managed to make these websites, and I can see myself using bootstrap to built other sites in the future.


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Another post is up at #nmbs analysis

I’ve analysed and graphed the last 30 days of twitter activity for the #nmbs hashtag.
You can immediately see that May 26 was a ‘special’ day…

Read the post at


Ouch! Rate limiting on twitter request.

I just ran into the rate limiting of twitter. It hurts. 150 twitter requests an hour, at least for the search you can do more…

Have to think how to give twitter some rest inbetween my scurrying in their databases for user info… I’m gonna sleep on it.

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Social Media

I’m busy exploring Twitter for the moment. There will be less updates here while I’m doing that.

What am I currently using Twitter for is not to really to chat, but to find information:

  • discovering new users who post interesting information (by reading those ‘close’ to me)
  • via retweets and original tweets, discovering the links to interesting blogs and zines and websites
  • creating lists of people who tweet about one particular thing or another (in the last few days  I have added people to ‘social media’, ‘ui-design’ and ‘marketing’
  • occasionally retweeting an interesting article or tweet myself
  • sometimes something funny cos I’m not a robot and it’s my account to do with as I please

So I’m actually not tweeting that much, and using it more like a work tool. However, something funny has happened the last few days – I’m being followed now by other people who are in the ‘social media’ and ‘marketing’ business.

Do you know what ? I’m thinking that Twitter is the latest refinement to finding your counterparts that are equally interested in the same subject or use the same mental gears as you do… Before that you had email, you had letters, you had clubs…

In the real world, you are constrained by your body and the bodies around you. Finding someone like-minded or like-interested was and is mostly coincidence or you need to make yourself be heard one way or another. There was a lot of chaff to go through before you found someone who thinks alike. Nowadays, with the bright siren calls of 140 character messages being thrown around, it’s easy to find someone and follow that person and another until you have a group of like-minded people around you. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. And somewhere therein lies a danger as well, methinks.

You can find me on twitter via @lexstok

Programming and it’s uses…

I recently discovered, a library written by Mark Pilgrim that is amazing if you want to use python to consume rss feeds. It ‘normalizes’ the different versions of rss/atom out there into one request that you can use consistently. Doesn’t matter if it’s atom 0.1 or 0.3

A few links that are interesting together with as they show it’s usage:

I’m constantly amazed about the quality python code that is out there and you can just find via a simple google query. It certainly makes me think that choosing Python over, say Perl, was a good decision.

As for using to put relevant tweets on your website, note that you can also use javascript to achieve the same thing; go here for some goodies and an explanation on how to set this up.

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Twitter no longer

I just deleted Twitter from my iPhone – I was no longer using it to check up on my friends let alone post any new tweets.
Funny how I found it so cool in the beginning. It has certain advantages over blogging (speed, location awareness, quickly catch up with other people) but I just found it too ephemeral for my tastes.
You type a message somebody else responds but an hour later the text has already been replaced by other messages.
I need to know that what I write will stay, not evaporate – and anyway, I have facebook for posting quick status updates onto.
So goodbye twitter it was nice while it lasted.