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Fun Project : visualisation of all the flemish schools

I’ve had a bit of fun recently with visualising some open data from¬†where I downloaded the address list of flemish schools for kindergarten and “lower” schools.

  • imported the csv list via “base” in an sqlite database
  • added longitude and latitude fields to the db
  • wrote a small script that used geopy to query google for each address and add the coordinates to the db
  • then created another small script using pygmaps to create a custom html file which includes the necessary coordinates for each point on the google map.

The result is that I never knew how many schools there were in Vlaanderen !

Schools in Flemish Belgium

You can read more in the original post (in Flemish) that I made on the dataconnect website, where I advertise for my web site design and consultancy. For the full map, click on the above image to go there.

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Bootstrap from twitter is very cool

A few months ago I mentioned Foundation from ZURB which to me was a pretty neat way to write some functional html and css code for a quick setup of a website or setting up a basic layout.

These last few days I’ve been busy with learning Bootstrap, which is made by the guys from Twitter, and while Foundation was definitely cool, I must admit that Bootstrap just fits me better and offers me more possibilities. YMMV ofcourse.

It may be because I had Foundation as a basis, and thus was already accustomed to the way things worked, but I learned the methods used much quicker than with Foundation.

I’ve made a decent, good-looking one-page landingpage website with a image Carousel in less than a day, and as a test I’ve reworked an existing website to see what it could do.

In less than a day I had a fully navigational website : full navbar, with menu, fluid rows that resized in most browsers on the fly with buttons and a good layout.

I am really impressed with the speed I’ve managed to make these websites, and I can see myself using bootstrap to built other sites in the future.


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Small review of Zurb Foundation

It sounds more like a rock band, but it’s actually a tool for rapid prototyping in html and css, and a fairly easy way for a css-vapid guy like me to give my websites a basic ‘good look’ in about 5 minutes and still have some control over the design. Plus it’s very flexible, they aim to make it so that you can show your website on multiple different devices.

Foundation is a complete framework, and includes both the javascript, the css files and some instructions to get you going. And if you drop a mail, they are quick to respond, even if it is a stupid question like I asked.

I’ve been playing around with their open-source foundation download code, and I must admit their examples ‘click’ for me. For example to add a button, you specify a css class like this class=”nice blue radius button” which is almost human english ! This way I can focus on my python skills and still produce some nice-looking pages !