iPhone 2.1 firmware is out (and cracked)

The iPhone 2.1 firmware was made available last friday, and already you can quickpwn the iphone first generation devices.

The upgrade process went very smoothly for my iPhone :

  • I upgraded to iTunes 8 and the new Quicktime
  • Then I inserted my iPhone and iTunes upgraded it for me to 2.1
  • Reboot the iPhone
  • Unlocking the SIM (Base) worked !
  • Then I started up QuickPwn (mac) and it hacked the device for me in 10 minutes.

Done !


iPhone cancelled the sync (firmware 2.0)

If you upgrade your iPhone to firmware 2.0 and additionally have jailbroken and unlocked your iPhone using pwnage, you could have the same problems as I had with syncing my Mails (or alternatively, your Safari bookmarks).

I’ve found that by changing the permissions I was able to fix the problem.

More details can be found on the iPhone Link Page.

Blog News

The blog got hacked.

The blog got hacked, it seems somewhere around the end of june. That’s what happens when you take a long vacation, both away from your computer and out of the country.

Dammit !

My apologies to all those who were affected by this. I’ve since deleted all files and have replaced it with the latest version of wordpress.

For now, no new themes and no new or old plugins until I’m sure that this has been solved.


If Cydia installer jumps back to Springboard – fix

I recently updated the Cydia package installer, and something went wrong. It crashed back to Springboard while updating itself, and refused to start up again.

All is not lost however. Remember that Cydia is actually a graphical front-end to the iphone port of apt-get, so you can still install applications via the command line. So drop down into Terminal and issue the following command :

<quote>apt-get install cydia</quote>

If you receive a permission denied, you are working as user ‘mobile’ and you need to be user ‘root’ to do this. So before you type in the above command, type ‘su root’ and the root password and then the apt-get command.

Of course, if the problem is the install package itself, this will not solve it. I tried the above a few hours later, and there was already a new release waiting to be downloaded, and this fixed the problem.

Blog News 'main script execution failure' & moving your Applications

Firmware 1.1.4

If you have moved your Applications to your mobile directory (/private/var/mobile/) you might have problems with your permissions.

Howto move your applications from your small root partition :

  • cp -r /Applications /private/var/mobile
  • mv /Applications /Applications.old
  • ln -s /private/var/mobile/Applications /Applications

CD into your now-moved Applications folder and do the following :

  • chmod +s
  • chown -R root:wheel

This worked for me. YMMV, of course.


Firmware 1.1.4 and Ziphone

I don’t know if Apple is giving up, or if the hackers are getting better and better, but this is following the same hacking curve as that of the psp : the first few firmwares were really hard to hack, and then it got easier, and after it there was nothing to it (at least, at the time I stopped following the psp scene firmware hacks often occurred the same day or week.

Firmware 1.1.4 for the iPhone is available, and the hacks are available as well.

Upgrading is easy : for best results, restore to a clean 1.1.4 and then launch ziphone (I did not try independence). One click is enough to jailbreak, activate and unlock your phone, including Youtube ! So far, I have not found any bugs or workarounds that are needed.


Unlocking the iphone (firmware 1.1.1)

Seems a whole lot of people have spent enormous time on jailbreaking and subsequently unlocking the iPhone. For those who want to know more about this, here are a few links to get you started (please note that these links are valid at the time of writing, and that I am not encouraging you to go and hack your iPhone) :

  • Hack the iPhone : step-by-step instructions on hacking the iphone without needing a computer (you do need a wireless network though)
  • : the website you need to visit to crack your iPhone automatically !
  • Unlocking the iPhone : after getting the iPhone to accept new programs, you need to install a program to unlock your sim card
  • Installing Applications on your iPhone : you can use the handy Installer tool that jailbreak installs for you. Oooooooodles of applications…
  • iPhone Club (dutch) : this forum has a large number of flemish and dutch users who share their knowledge

Makes it very easy to get a real functional phone !