Unlocking the iphone (firmware 1.1.1)

Seems a whole lot of people have spent enormous time on jailbreaking and subsequently unlocking the iPhone. For those who want to know more about this, here are a few links to get you started (please note that these links are valid at the time of writing, and that I am not encouraging you to go and hack your iPhone) :

  • Hack the iPhone : step-by-step instructions on hacking the iphone without needing a computer (you do need a wireless network though)
  • : the website you need to visit to crack your iPhone automatically !
  • Unlocking the iPhone : after getting the iPhone to accept new programs, you need to install a program to unlock your sim card
  • Installing Applications on your iPhone : you can use the handy Installer tool that jailbreak installs for you. Oooooooodles of applications…
  • iPhone Club (dutch) : this forum has a large number of flemish and dutch users who share their knowledge

Makes it very easy to get a real functional phone !

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