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This page is where I centralise my links to iPhone-related websites. I’ve noticed that my Q-tips webpage is still (hugely) popular with the Windows Mobile 5 crowd, so I’ll do the same thing for the iPhone.

Although I think there will be less people coming looking for a solution – the iPhone is just easier to use !!!

Although there are some tricks that newcomers don’t seem to use enough. For some reason, most people don’t read the small manual, so they miss out on some great stuff, like realising that the small square on your earbud cords is actually a microphone, and that you can click it to accept calls.

Caveat : Your mileage may vary, your iphone may explode visiting these sites or using these tips and tricks.
I take NO responsibility whatsoever for your iphone and what you inflict on it.

Forum Sites

Software sites

  • ziphone : up until at least 1.1.4 firmware, a quick and easy way (5 minutes!) to jailbreak/activate/unlock your iPhone.
  • independence : another unlocker/jailbreaker, which also lets you install ringtones
  • Cydia : another installer, that is installed standard via pwnage (in v1 iPhones can do this for you), and which is growing in popularity. This one has some specific network tools like tcpdump and nmap which make network engineers go oooooher ! <ooher!>
  • Pwnage : upgrade your v1 iPhone to v2, jailbreak and unlock it ! Pwnage has also spawned QuickPwn, for those iPhones that have already been unlocked before.

Sources I use

  • : Unlock tools for your iPhone
  • : start developing with jiggy in javascript, while getting the same functionality as the Cocoa coders !! Unfortunately so far this only still works in firmware 1.1.4 as the developer lost interest after he found out he could not go mainstream with it due to apple license restrictions.
  • Scummvm : Cydia source modmyifone includes this already, else via


Howto unlock and jailbreak your iPhone :

Basically for Mac users you have two applications : Pwnagetool and QuickPwn. Both are by the same developers.  There are also some hardware solutions, but I have never used them, plus you need to pay for them.

  • Upgrade your iPhone with the SIM card installed in it – otherwise the upgrade will fail !!
  • Getting in DFU mode is sometimes tricky, but nowadays the pwn tools give you a good guide on how to do that
  • If you missed getting in DFU mode to restore your firmware, don’t panic, just try again. I’ve had this happen to me quite a few times, and I always got it solved by retrying.

Howto move your applications from your small root partition :
This lets you install a lot more stuff. Alternatively, if you decide to install Cydia, which is installed by default with pwnage of firmware 2.x, it’ll do it automatically for you !

  • cp -r /Applications /private/var/mobile
  • mv /Applications /Applications.old
  • ln -s /private/var/mobile/Applications /Applications

Howto change music (when using your earbuds) without touching your iPhone :

  • To change music : click 2 times on your microphone to go to the next track; from 2.1 onwards you can click 3 times to go back one track.
  • (If your iphone is still on) Click 3 times to start playing : no shuffle though !

To fix syncing your iPhone mail account or syncing Safari Bookmarks (because the iPhone cancelled the sync):

  • Use Cydia to install OpenSSH on your iPhone
  • Log in via ssh using default password for root, either from your mac ( ssh root@iphone.<ip-address> ) or just use OpenTerminal (also installable via Cydia)
  • ‘chown -R mobile /var/mobile/Library/Mail’
  • ‘chown -R mobile /var/mobile/Library/Safari/Bookmarks.plist’
  • This should do the trick, please try now. However, if this does not work, try setting the execution right to 0777 with the following command ‘chmod -c 0777 <filename>’

How to recover all pictures / photos on your iPhone when they don’t show up on your desktop:

  • Sometimes when syncing your iPhone pictures to your iPhoto or Mac desktop, you can’t see the all the pics; some of them are missing
  • To fix this, start Image Capture, and in the menu bar choose ‘Devices’ – you will see your iPhone in there and a check mark next to ‘Connected’
  • Simply toggle this check mark off and then on again, and your pictures become visible again !
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