I’m setting up this page as a repository of all the links and tips’n tricks I can find for my Qtek 9100 (also known as the Wizard or the i-mate KJAM or the T-mobile MDA Vario or the XDA mini S or the SPV M3000). I think this will be easier to update than creating posts whenever I find something interesting.

Standard Disclaimer : should you wish to try this out, please note that this is at YOUR OWN RISK.

WM5 general tips

If you don’t have any experience in tweaking the registry, you might want to read a bit lower and check out the RegistryWizard utility, which can do a lot of these tweaks for you. Please do a backup before !

Website Links to forums, websites, etc for your Qtek 9100 Phone

  • : Belgian importer of Qteks and thus also firmware upgrades (only accessible via a belgian IMEI though…) – no forums to speak of
    Current Qtek 9100 Rom available there : WWE
  • Qtec Dutch : the site for dutch people to download upgrades and forums (only accessible via login with dutch phone IMEI though…)
  • : forums for everything to do with HTC phones – excellent for help and getting in touch with fellow HTC Phone users !
    Update : here’s a wiki discussing the Wizard – on the bottom of the frontpage are some tips.
  • : for the dutch/belgian language people : a vast collection of wizard related information
  • Paul’s must have free Hermes software : works just as well for the Wizard.

Indispensible Tools to make life easier on your Qtek

  • Batteryplugin with overclocking capability for the Wizard (similar to OmapClock) : download it here. Forum discussing it and new functionality are here
  • Use your Qtek 9100 one-handedly using Smartskey (locally stored 0.52) : your volume slider becomes a jog dial and more ! Here’s a link to the Forum where it is made.
  • RegistryWizard : Use this to tweak your registry. Contains both the standard WM5 registry tweaks (more glyph cache, font cache storage, change IE storage location, as well as Wizard specific tweaks, eg activate wifi 802.11g). RegistryWizard (locally stored 1.0V)
  • WM5torage : use your phone’s flash card as a (bootable !) usb reader !
  • The TodayTime plugin, which reduces the time and date to one line instead of two lines. Do read on the download page how to configure the plugin as this necessary info isn’t included in the plugin.
  • I’ve just installed the Eten Dialer (using the O2 skin which has both portrait and landscape mode), which features bigger buttons, this is a nice improvement. I must have big hands, cause I find even these buttons a wee bit small.
  • Need a TaskManager ? Try ITaskMgr, a free taskmanager that shows you memory consumption, CPU load, overall system load, processes and running tasks. Or this one, made by DotFred on which actually does quite a bit more than just closing applications.
  • Need more space in your local memory ? Use UPX for pocket pc to compress and optimize the installed executables – you can gain quite a lot of memory that way !
  • Enable 802.11g on your phone, change the following keys in your registry :
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\TNETWLN1\PARMS: dot11SupportedRateMask=1 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\TNETWLN1\PARMS: dot11SupportedRateMaskG=8
    I had to create the second entry, the first one existed already – all the values are decimal

Fun Stuff

  • pocketnester : NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) emulator – different from pocketnes
  • pocketsnes : SNES emulator


  • Quick select between vibrate and ring : press the comm-manager button looooong and it will switch between them without you needing to consult the screen.
  • Having vibrate AND ring at the same time : this is not immediately obvious for a beginner (who hasn’t read the manual) – you need to select this by going in the ‘Phone’ menu, selecting ‘options’ and then changing your ‘ring type’.
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