iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 now "unlockable"

While the latest iPhone firmware version 1.1.3 was already jailbroken, it seems that it is also now unlocked so that you can use any sim card in it.

This is not even from the iPhone Dev/Elite team, somebody else called GeoHot (or George Hotz ) is responsible. However, from what I read, this only describes how to downgrade an existing 1.1.3 phone to a lower version, but not how to keep it at 1.1.3 ‘unlocked’.

My iPhone is running 1.1.2 very well right now, so I think I’ll wait a little bit longer until there’s a good and complete guide to unlocking 1.1.3 and keeping it at the same level. Plus there is always the chance that one or another thing breaks or deletes keys/programs that are specific to your iphone.

There’s also supposedly another unlock possible from the iPhone Dev/Elite team, but they are keeping it secret until after the SDK is released. IF the SDK is released as scheduled for end of Januari, of course….

Apple TechScience Future

Open helix structures in space contain liquids better than closed containers.

Instead of using coffee cups in space, dear spaceman, try drinking your coffee from corkscrew (helix) cups.

I have a hard time to see how somebody on Earth managed to find this solution to a problem in space, but it is very cool ! Potentially, it could also have big implications in nano workings, where things become so small that gravity is negligible and you need to devise alternate ways of containing fluids.

Apple Hardware

Macbook Air costs 1699 euros in Europe, 1799 dollars in the States

Buying a Macbook Air in Europe costs 1699 euros. Converted to dollars you pay 2499 dollars instead of 1799 dollars if you bought it in the States. A price difference of 600 dollars !!

Conclusion : Europe is richer than America.


How the iPhone blew up the Phone Industry

There’s a great article on the Wired website on the strubbles and tribulations that went with developing the iPhone and selling it to the wireless divisions of the phone companies.

Highly recommended to get a glimpse of how much effort went into developing and marketing the iPhone.

Apple Hardware

No more external sound from your iPhone ?

In case you have the following problem scenario on your iPhone, here’s a quick tip :

  • sound via headphones, no sound via the speakers
  • your phone rings ok, but
  • everything else you can’t hear except via the headphones

Then you need to plug in-and-out your headphones. Go on, have some iPhone intercourse !

Do that about 3 to 6 times and normally it’ll start working again. I noticed that my audio output started working again when suddenly my ipod screen came up.


iPhone mysterious 1604 boot error

Some people get error 1604 when they are booting their phone.

Here’s the apparent fix for this error, though I’m not sure if you need exactly iTunes 7.4 and firmware 1.1. or if you can do this with all versions of firmware and iTunes.

This is a fix if you get a Unknown Error (1604) screen.

* Turn off the iphone and pull the chord from the computer
* Uninstall iTunes 7.4
* Re-Install iTunes
* Restart your computer if prompted
* Pull the SIM card out of the top of the iphone (Instructional Video)
* Get the Yellow Triangle of Death or The Cable to iTunes screen[Hold the home and power buttons for max 30 seconds]
* Plug in your phone and open iTunes
* Hit Restore(It should be working by now…)
* Re-insert your SIM card into your iPhone.
* Re-activate your iPhone.
* Restore your data from your latest update

Get your iTunes 7.4 from FileHippo.


iPhone Photo Sync Problem.

I just found out that I can no longer sync my photos from the iphone camera to my mac. Grrr. I’ll need to look into this.

More on this when I’ve found a solution.

Update : it worked once when I removed the sync lock file from the iPhone. I noticed that a lock file was present in the current Media directory of the iPhone, while iTunes wasn’t even open. Removing this file worked once, I could sync my camera roll again, but afterwards I had the same problem.

Apple Programming

Moving Python on your iphone.

Moving your Applications directory to your /private/var/root partition (aka your MEDIA partition) is all well and good, but when you install python on your iphone, it’s installed in both /usr/bin where the main executable resides and the library modules are installed in /usr/lib/Python2.5 .

So they still consume a lot of space on your root partition. In fact, I finally checked my hard disk space on the root partition of the iphone, and there was a pityfull 4.2 Megabytes left over.

So I moved python over to the media partition using the following commands : I first created a python directory on my MEDIA partition, then I moved the python library directory over there and finally I created a symbolic link from there to where it is expected to be.

mkdir /private/var/root/python
mv /usr/lib/Python2.5 /private/var/root/python
ln -s /private/var/root/python/Python2.5 /usr/lib/Python2.5

After that, ‘df -h’ gave the message that 27 Megabyte was free on the root partition !

Excellent ๐Ÿ™‚


Moving the Applications folder on your iphone to /var/root (sequel)

I previously wrote about moving your /Applications folder to your media partition, and suggested that you could probably move individual application to your /var/root instead of the whole kaboodle.

But I’ve just experimented some, and it’s a fairly big hassle to do this for each application you want to do this for. Plus what happens when an update is available ? My guess is the whole directory is replaced, possibly destroying the symlink and installing it once more into your original Applications directory. I didn’t try to find out, though. I only had 3 megs left on my root partition, time to take action.

So I finally moved the whole directory to /var/root, the biiiig partition where you get lots of diskspace. I did try a variation though, by leaving a vestigial, thoroughly cleaned out /Applications directory instead of deleting it, but the symbolic link creation failed because the file already existed. I figured if ever anything went wrong with the moved /Applications folder, I would have still had the original one. But this does not work, so I’ve followed the original instructions, removed my /Applications directory and created the symbolic link to the new one in one go. Everything works fine after a reboot !

I was hoping for what I did when I was using Gentoo, but that was actually more playing around with mounting partitions. When working with partitions, you can have a folder with content in it, and then you can mount another partition using the folder as link point. When the partition is mounted, the original folder contents are no longer accessible. But when you unmount the partition, the original folder contents become accessible again !

Apple Gaming Hardware

Connect your xbox 360 to your iMac using Elgato Eye Hybrid

I’ve recently acquired an xbox 360 when MediaMarkt did a clearance sale on a particular package deal. 299 รขโ€šยฌ is a very nice price for an xbox with a 20 gig hard disk, only the arcade version is selling cheaper.

I thought it was time to buy one, since almost all the games come out on xbox 360 nowadays, plus the fact that I really, really, really hate rebooting into Bootcamp Windows XP to play a game. All my Firefox sessions gone, all my open files needing to be closed and saved, closing my iMovie project… yes, my mac never shuts down unless it’s for a reboot for a new upgrade or into Bootcamp.

That’s the real power of the mac – it hardly ever crashes, so you keep everything open and keep working on stuff whenever you feel like it.
So I got my Xbox 360, I’ve got an Elgato Hybrid USB stick, and that stick is connected to my iMac to record tv shows. Why not connect the xbox to my iMac via the Elgato Hybrid ? I first tried using the normal cinch cables, but the screen quality is really not good at all, and rather shaky to boot.

The trick to it is using a S-Video cable instead, and while it is not a super-crisp HDMI signal, it certainly makes it look better. It look goods enough to play every evening some Assasin’s Creed, in fact.

Without rebooting.