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Macbook Air costs 1699 euros in Europe, 1799 dollars in the States

Buying a Macbook Air in Europe costs 1699 euros. Converted to dollars you pay 2499 dollars instead of 1799 dollars if you bought it in the States. A price difference of 600 dollars !!

Conclusion : Europe is richer than America.

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It is very annoying, this huge difference in the price calculation of an Apple MacBook.Here in France you pay in addition TVA which is higher than in the remaining European countries.

Better to plan a flight to NewYork and buy there. My reflection at least after my shopping here in France. 3 MacBooks which I bought within 5 to 6 years at € 1.690 plus TVA more than € 1.700.
Every 2 years a new machine.

This blog post was written in 2008, so quite a while ago. But not a lot seems to have changed. Prices *still* are higher in Europe for laptops which are made in China for both US and Europe.

Currently, pricing in Belgium (Feb 2012) for a top-end Mac book Air is 1579 EUR. For the same Mac book Air in the US you currently pay 1599 US dollar, which at the moment converts to about 1206 EUR.

So more than 300 EUR (almost 400 US dollars) difference !

TVA in Belgium is 21% which I think is slightly more than in currently in France (19,6%) although I believe this will soon change to slightly more : 21,2%.

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