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Discovering Magento

I’ve been looking at setting up a jewelry shop and Magento seems to fit the bill as an opensource solution for me.

I have to admit, that the learning curve is a bit steep, and installing it locally for a test drive is a hellish ordeal, where you need to configure your localhost file so that your computer has a dns name (at least for version 1.5.1 this was the case) with barely some explanation why this or that is not working.
Blogs aplenty with explications, each with slightly different errors and/or solutions, so while there is information, it’s not always clear if it is relevant.

Anyway, I got it up and running, hosted, and it works fine ! Oodles and oodles of config options, but there’s a logic in there (sometimes twisted logic, but still !)

Here are some sites / blog posts / magento modules I find useful:

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