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Dropbox and iCloud : adverseries ?

I just read the announcement on on the upcoming iCloud beta that Apple will soon be launching.

Here is the pricing that Apple will set :

  • 5 GB free, 10 additionnal GB is 20 dollars / euros a year.
  • Bought books, music, apps etc are not counted into this.

Compare that to Dropbox, where I currently have 2,5 GB free storage (thanks to jumping through all the hoops that they wanted me to, default you have less).

The next step up is 50GB for 9.99 $ a month, which works out to about 120 dollars, which is too much for me, both in size and price.

On iCloud I would pay for the same amount (actually more than 50GB, the original 5 GB is also there) 100 dollars yearly, so substantially less.

Maybe Apple will only offer iCloud to Apple Mac users, in which case Dropbox still has a large amount of windows users that it can keep, but I doubt it.

My guess is that Dropbox will either lower the prices or give more GB for the same buck, and perhaps even dramatically so in order to stay competitive.

Update : seems that my calculations are a bit off. A deeper look with more nuance about dropbox and the different pricing can be found here via

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