Flex and Google App Engine are working together for me !

After using Flex for a bit, and blogging here that the backend is not so extensive, I discovered that Google has brought out the Google App Engine (GAE) sometime this year. It allows you to write the backend in Python and the frontend in html or ajax or even flex ! It even comes with a templating engine, is currently in beta, and is free !

It should be the best of both worlds, if I can get it work together.

There’s actually not that many examples floating on the net that go into much detail into how to set this up. Lots of references to PyAMF (Python with Action Messaging Format so that it can talk Flash), but I find the examples are almost all from people in the know, and for a ‘script’ programmer like me I sure could use some (very) detailed explanations !

I finally found a good example of a simple Flex client that connected to a python Google App Engine on this site. After two nights of puttering around, I finally got my modified example to work and understood what was happening (I’m still learning flex, actionscript3 and now GAE – it’s a bit much sometimes). I actually write the xml back via a python hack where I do a loop and write the tags one by one… tss, I’m sure there’s a better way (pyAMF ?).

Now I still need to get my head around what PyAMF actually does and how it integrates between Flex and GAE. This seems to be a nice example from the PyAMF wiki.

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Thanks for the remark, Larry. The post is from 2008, so it’s certain that a few links will be dead. The PyAMF link still works, though, as does the GAE link.

The link to is down though…

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