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Running update December 2008


Pffr just about sums it all up.

Somewhere end of September, beginning October, my knee went from stable when running with a bandage to painful in one night. I had run 3 times that week, plus a first session of Tai Chi. My guess is that the number of runs plus the Tai Chi session did it for me – I probably overstressed my muscles afterwards when taking the ‘rest’ posture in that first Tai Chi session, a friend of mine explained to me that I was overdoing it. Your knees shouldn’t be further than your toes when standing in rest, and I probably was not doing that.

A few days later I woke up convinced that my knee had somehow been dislocated during my sleep and that my kneecap was hanging loose – it’s an excruciating pain !

A visit to the doctor the morning after gave me the verdict : tendinitis in the knee, an injection with Cortisone, a painkiller prescription and the recommendation to ‘give it plenty of rest’.
It took about a month before I could walk without a limp, and in November anytime I ran for the train I had to cope with pains afterwards.

Since a week or so, my knee feels normal again, or at least no more pain. Even a run for the train has no painful effects. I’ll wait a bit more, though. And as a side effect, I’ll probably start floating off the ground – I’m ballooning again with no or barely any exercise and will probably float like a blimp off the ground after all the festivities of the New Year…

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