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It doesn't have a wienie !

Yup, I totally get the message. Attention to detail is what counts, and that includes making it work juuuust right. That’s the way I try to execute my projects, with attention to detail. So what is a wienie ?

The wienie is the seamless way the glass fits into the metal on an
iPod. It's the solid slam of a Mercedes door closing. It's the "Easter
Egg" on that DVD you just bought. It's the glow of the logo on the back
of my MacBook Pro.
The wienie isn't what you must do  It's what you want
to do. Its delightful impact arises from the sheer joy of its creation
and the desire of its creator to share that joy with others.

I think more and more people are switching from an i’ll-buy-it-if-it-is-cheaper-than-the-rest to a stance where they buy or want something that is made with quality and with love. Where before the only thing that counted was the lowest price, now the quality comes to the fore.

When you buy something that is really well-made and well-thought-out, it’s a marvel.

In the beginning you’ll admire the way the designer thought about this object and the effort he put in it, without really knowing why he did it just that way. You’ll just get a good ‘feeling’ about it.

Then, after a while, you will start to appreciate WHY he put that effort in it. Only now you’ll realise the reason why the glass was beveled just so, or why the shape of it is molded just that way so it better fits in your hand.

And suddenly, weary old me is thanking that unknown designer for his cleverness, once more filled with childlike joy again, marveling about this object.

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