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PSP Firmware upgrade 2.70 is out

I am, as I am writing this, in the process of upgrading my PSP (version 2.0 firmware) to the very latest firmware 2.70. The only homebrew program that I used was a snes emulator, and only infrequently at that.

So, with the new possibility of downloadable demos, RSS channels, wma playback, downloadable videos, I am swayed to upgrading.

Note : this is the us version of the software I’m linking to. For European users, try But updating was a simple as activating my wireless network connection and choosing ‘network update’. Done !

Plus I bought Socom Fireteam Bravo today, which requires at least firmware 2.60. It includes a headset with microphone, and I am really looking forward to trying this out !

Update : seems that Firmware 2.70 blocks the GTA exploit – which was to be expected…

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