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PSP Headset and SOCOM Fireteam Bravo

I’ve played a few rounds of online SOCOM:FTB and other than the mic not working, I was impressed by the speed of the connection and the smoothness of playing, and while the graphics were not spectulary like CounterStrike they were definitely good-looking and smooth enough. NO hiccups !In order for the mic to work, it seems that I need to open udp(+tcp ?) ports 6000-6999 and udp ports 10070-10080. Apparently there is no dynamic plug-play configuration by the game.

No mention of that anywhere in the manual. A few hints here and there on some site and a text-file givng a generic setup on psp-vault.
Bummer. Not too happy about punching extra holes in my router. I’ll try to restrict this to only the psp by defining in the router a fixed dhcp ip for the psp mac address and forwarding the ports to that ip only, I just hope that it doesn’t conflict with my CounterStrike or Skype usage on my regular pc…

I’ll update this post with the correct ports and how it works when I’ve had a chance to test it out.

Update : the portrange you need to forward are udp AND tcp 6000-6999 and udp range 10070-10080.

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