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Night Intervention at 3am

The zombie awakens and blinks his bloodshot eyes blearely. The small God has awoken once more from his restless slumber and is again casting his battle cry, forcing the zombie to come forth and do his bidding.

Shakely the zombie crawls from the deep pit he was lying in. He sways towards the small God to await his orders. After some tossing of his head, he issues his orders, to be obeyed and executed immediately. Our zombie descends haltingly into hell’s kitchen, where the bright fires hurt his eyes.

There he prepares the special potion of forgetfullness that the little God wants. With what he can still control of his face, our zombie mumbles arcane formulas and countings while preparing the formula. Finally it is ready, heated by the invisible fire.

The God drinks, and lapses again into not-being-there.

Zombie can rest again. For now.

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