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Sam is ill (again)

Sam had us a bit worried, this Saturday night. From Friday onwards Sam has had a low-grade fever, but I thought that he had some more teeth coming through, from which they do sometimes get a fever (I don’t care that the doctors say this is not true, I’ve seen it). This time, though, something more was brewing.
Saturday, he had a fever of 39,8°C that wouldn’t go down, no matter what we tried, using Unifen and Perdolan. So we went to the night-shift doctor (normally they come to visit you, but this one asked us to come, which suites us as it was faster than waiting). Still, I’m glad to have my trusty GPS bluetooth solution to find all those doctors and pharmacies.
The doctor diagnosed him as having a severe throat infection and a small right-ear infection, and immediately prescribed antibiotics that he had to start taking tonight. While I went out on another gps-chase to find a still-open pharmacy, Dolores gave Sam a cold bath (lots of screams from Sam there).

The antibiotics seem to be very effective though – he is getting visibly better, though still very tired.

So are we; feeling better that Sam came through this, but we’re also tired.

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