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Trick to writing

The trick to writing an entry for your blog or novel or webpage, or really anything interesting, is to follow up immediately on that idea that just popped up in your head. I usually get great ideas when I am not sitting in front of my computer – in fact, I got the idea for this blog entry while swimming.

Not really handy to pop out your notebook and jot down a few keywords, eh ? But still, that is actually the best way to go about it – to write a few key words down in your pda, on a piece of paper or even the back of your hand that describe what you want to tell. That is enough for me to get my key idea back into my head and start writing about it, once I am in front of my computer.

If you don’t do this, thinking that you will not forget this oh so important and elucidating idea ? It’ll pop out of your mind the same way as it popped in it.

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