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Opa Guts has moved onwards

This morning my Grandfather died peacefully at the age of 103, while sitting in his chair, probably while napping.

O-pa (au)Gust Boschmans, my grandfather from my fathers side, was an auto-didact graphical artist, who created numerous pieces of art, was a gifted amateur-archeologist and had a keen interest in nature and all its creations. He published several art books and archeology books as well as hundreds of drawings, collages, sketches and pop-art puppets.

More info on him can be found on the site my nephew Beert made here for his 100th birthday.

Oh, and the title is no typing error. When Tom saw his great-grandfather for the very first time, he called him Opa Guts. He made quite a remembrance for our son, who to this day still calls him that way.

In my opinion, a nice way to go, O-pa. I hope you meet up with me dad and all the others up there…

I am now the oldest male person who has the ‘boschmans’ name. Funny feeling, that.

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