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PlayStation !

This Sunday morning I went to a ‘brocante’, or as most people know it : a flea market. The weather was not too shabby, the sun was shining, a coldish breeze played around us as a gentle reminder that summer is over.
In short, it was one of those days where you top of your internal batteries, ready for the winter that is coming.

I did not intend to buy anything except maybe a small toy or so for Sam and/or Tom, but I stumbled over a PlayStation one game console that sold for 40 euros. It was in an original PlayStation bag, and came with everything you needed to set it up, owners manual included.

PlayStation one consoles must be on the way out, I guess. There are lots of games and consoles for sale right now… I thought, it’ll do nicely for the kids.

After some haggling, I got the whole kit for 30 euros, games included, and I probably still overpaid 🙂 as a bit further they were selling PSone consoles (the small kind) for 20 euros, but without any cabling or joysticks.

Tom, our eldest at almost four, had previously seen some older kids playing PlayStation 2 games, and adored just watching them play, particulary the Dinosaur game. I found that one game as well on the market, and bought it for just 5 euros. Probably about one tenth of the price it costed originally !

Back home, I showed the Dinosaur game to Tom – he was totally delighted ! He is eagerly trying to learn how to play and move the little monkey around – his favourite character at the moment. Words like ‘up’ and ‘down’ are getting to have a whole new meaning for him.

The only thing still needed was a memory card to save his progress – the only thing missing.

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