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Tom & Sam

Time to talk a bit more about our two boys.

Sam has been growing rapidly, and changes weekly. Tomorrow he will be one month old, and already he looks so different to what he looked like when he was born ! He still cries a lot, but the stomach cramps do seem to be abating.

Due to the excessive heat here in Belgium (the last two weeks the temperature has risen over 30° Celcius almost every day, and we are told to be careful of our water) Sam has been very thirsty. Almost every 2 to 3 hours he was hungry (that should be thirsty) again, so not easy on mum when she wants to sleep.

So I’ve started helping out by giving Sam a bottle during the night hours. While I was afraid that Sam would not be ready to accept the bottle, he doesn’t seem to mind. Have to see how that works out when I go back to work though…

Tom has been a marvellous boy these last few weeks : he isn’t jealous of Sam, always interested in seeing what we are doing with him (changing a diaper, giving a bath) and always wants to help us take care of Sam and give him kisses. Since last week he has also started to dress himself, without any prompting from us (well, I did push a bit when Dolores was in hospital, but not since then). You could see our eyes popping out when he first came down the stairs himself, fully dressed. He was grinning, and we were grinning back like happy mad idiots.

We’re very proud of both our children !

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