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Millions affected by Credit Card Theft

If you have been following the news, you’ve probably heard or read about CardSystems, the payment processing company that’s been amiss in following procedures after processing online payments. Instead of discarding the confirmation codes (on the back of your credit card) and expiry dates for each credit card transaction, they kept them on file. In a text file, that was accessible from the web. At first glance, 40 million cardholders may have been affected.

It seems that it is even worse now : CardSystems seems to have had troubles since last year instead of only the last month !

Sometimes I wonder how companies that do stupid things like this are able to survive.

What I am wondering about is when the shit will hit the fan. I mean : here is a clear case of company mismanagement that has affected millions users worldwide, and they get off with a slap on the wrist to do better next time ? EXCUSE ME ?

According to the Standaard, about 16,000 Belgian card users are affected. What are we, the affected masses of consumption users, waiting for ? Let’s start a lawsuit or 100 or so and sue these suckers out of existence ! It’s not because American data privacy laws are lax that we should let them get away with it – heck, our European privacy laws are way more stringent than theirs, we should be able to get them to appear before the European justice !!

It just makes my blood boil.

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