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First Lawsuit is Filed Against CardSystem & others

The site has the story: a lawsuit has been filed against CardSystems (and Visa among others) seeking full disclosure of the names of the people affected. Credit Card companies have decided not to notify customers unless the accounts are actually abused.

Some 40 million cards were accessible, and some 200.000 cards are believed to have been actually ‘stolen’ (the information for the card transferred out of the company).

Seems like finally people have realised this smells a bit fishy, all this not notifying unless people are affected. Heck, smart thieves could wait a few years before charging your card – my credit card has a 5-year expiry date, so would I still check in a few years for strange purchases ?

A lawsuit has started in America, I wonder if people affected in Europe will follow (if they can, I am not up to date on law) ?

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