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Another Phone ?

I’m seriously thinking about buying another phone, perhaps a Nokia this time. Lately I’ve been using my Windows Mobile 5 phone more and more, and one of the problems that I have with my Qtek 9100 (HTC Wizard) is that I can easely miss calls. When the phone rings and I press the Accept button, it takes between 2 and 5 seconds before it stops ringing and connects to the caller.

On a side note : if you are looking for WM5 tips, please see my Q-Tips page for some info and links.

This sometimes leaves me walking around shouting “Hello ? Hello ? Can you hear me ? Hello ?” in the phone, and one out of two times the caller has been switched over to voicemail. When I do get them on line, they seem to hear me but I don’t, which means they can hear me shouting “Hello ?” all the time.

Not a very good way to get a conversation started, sounding like a dork shouting in his phone…

So I’m looking at buying a Nokia now. Either a Nokia N76 or a E90 Communicator. From what I’ve read on some forums, these are good phones with a proven OS (Symbian Series 60 revision 3) but slightly less capable application bundles. The N76 really seems to have a good form factor for me (eg like the Razr) but the E90 attracts me cos I want to go full out and carry my mail and internet access with me all the time. Plus it has an integrated gps, making it a full package.

A downside to switching to non-Windows Mobile phones is that I can no longer use all the windows mobile software I’ve bought.

Decisions, decisions… I’ll wait a bit longer, save up some more.