Iphone 2.0x upgrades are not worth it, so far.

I upgraded my original iPhone to 2.0, but so far the point upgrades have not tempted me at all. I’ll just wait a bit longer to get an upgrade that’s worth upgrading for. So far it’s all small upgrades, a bug fix here and there but nothing major getting fixed.

So far, I still don’t have the urge to upgrade to an iPhone 3G. I’m still very happy with my 8GB original iPhone. 🙂

My family and friends are astonished that I haven’t upgraded, me, the gadget freak. But my rule is : if it is well made and works well and fulfills all your needs, why change ?


Stanza just crashed my iphone

Stanza, the free ebook reader just crashed my Iphone, forcing an immediate reboot.
My hacked applications never did that !


iPhone cancelled the sync (firmware 2.0)

If you upgrade your iPhone to firmware 2.0 and additionally have jailbroken and unlocked your iPhone using pwnage, you could have the same problems as I had with syncing my Mails (or alternatively, your Safari bookmarks).

I’ve found that by changing the permissions I was able to fix the problem.

More details can be found on the iPhone Link Page.


If Cydia installer jumps back to Springboard – fix

I recently updated the Cydia package installer, and something went wrong. It crashed back to Springboard while updating itself, and refused to start up again.

All is not lost however. Remember that Cydia is actually a graphical front-end to the iphone port of apt-get, so you can still install applications via the command line. So drop down into Terminal and issue the following command :

<quote>apt-get install cydia</quote>

If you receive a permission denied, you are working as user ‘mobile’ and you need to be user ‘root’ to do this. So before you type in the above command, type ‘su root’ and the root password and then the apt-get command.

Of course, if the problem is the install package itself, this will not solve it. I tried the above a few hours later, and there was already a new release waiting to be downloaded, and this fixed the problem.

Blog News 'main script execution failure' & moving your Applications

Firmware 1.1.4

If you have moved your Applications to your mobile directory (/private/var/mobile/) you might have problems with your permissions.

Howto move your applications from your small root partition :

  • cp -r /Applications /private/var/mobile
  • mv /Applications /Applications.old
  • ln -s /private/var/mobile/Applications /Applications

CD into your now-moved Applications folder and do the following :

  • chmod +s
  • chown -R root:wheel

This worked for me. YMMV, of course.


Firmware 1.1.4 and Ziphone

I don’t know if Apple is giving up, or if the hackers are getting better and better, but this is following the same hacking curve as that of the psp : the first few firmwares were really hard to hack, and then it got easier, and after it there was nothing to it (at least, at the time I stopped following the psp scene firmware hacks often occurred the same day or week.

Firmware 1.1.4 for the iPhone is available, and the hacks are available as well.

Upgrading is easy : for best results, restore to a clean 1.1.4 and then launch ziphone (I did not try independence). One click is enough to jailbreak, activate and unlock your phone, including Youtube ! So far, I have not found any bugs or workarounds that are needed.


Youtube Activation on iPhone Firmware 1.1.3

I’m struggling to activate Youtube on my iPhone, now running on firmware 1.1.3. When using firmware 1.1.3 this used to run just fine, but ever since I upgraded, it seems I no longer can use it.

I wasn’t exactly using it a lot, but it rankles me to have an application that is not working. So I’m looking for a fix.

So far, there seem to be some certificates that you can install from Just add this source link to your sources, and refresh. You can now see a folder unlock tools. However, the “Youtube activation” fix in there does not seem to help.

I’ll just need to continue looking, I’ll let you know when I find it.

[Update] It does work, with some extra mumbo jumbo. What worked for me was the following procedure. I don’t know if this you only part of these operations did the trick, or you need to do all of them. YMMV.

  • First of all, you need to go into settings, general and disable ‘Auto-Lock’ (this seems to be required !)
  • Connect it to iTunes via it’s cradle
  • Install the Youtube Activation fix found under unlock tools
  • If it wants to sync, let it sync with iTunes
  • After that, still cradled, reboot the iPhone

Afterwards, out of the cradle and on wireless, I tried Youtube and it worked.

[Update] This link has a guide for firmware 1.1.4


iPhone ?

Seems like everybody is waiting for the SDK to come along… rumors are wild, and people are believing everything they read. Only to find out it’s a fake all along.

Meanwhile, the well of free iphone programs called has been dry for the last 3 days, which is starting to bother me.

Since I had the iphone, I’ve been a compulsive installer checker, it’s like smoking a cigaret first thing in the morning. I wake up to the alarm sound of my iPhone, turn off airplane mode, and the very first thing I do is update the sources on to see what’s new.

Then I get out of bed.

Let’s hope that we get a message out of Apple, either confirming or denying the SDK coming this month. Either way, things will start up again…


A quick tip : adding a birthday to a contact in your MAC OS X Address Book

I find it very hard to add additional information to the Mac OS X Address book : there are only some basic fields, but when you want to add something like a birthday field I can’t find it, unless it’s a custom field.

I know the birthday field exists, as it is added in some of my contacts (don’t ask me how, probably via a long-ago sync with my windows mobile address book).

But just now I found a way to add them quickly – just use your iPhone to edit your contact, select from the bottom of the list the ‘additional field’ and choose the ‘birthday’ field. Easy as pie, and it’ll sync to your Mac Address Book as well !

Now why couldn’t this list of all the additional fields be just as easy and available on the mac ?


iPhone Firmware 1.1.3 now "unlockable"

While the latest iPhone firmware version 1.1.3 was already jailbroken, it seems that it is also now unlocked so that you can use any sim card in it.

This is not even from the iPhone Dev/Elite team, somebody else called GeoHot (or George Hotz ) is responsible. However, from what I read, this only describes how to downgrade an existing 1.1.3 phone to a lower version, but not how to keep it at 1.1.3 ‘unlocked’.

My iPhone is running 1.1.2 very well right now, so I think I’ll wait a little bit longer until there’s a good and complete guide to unlocking 1.1.3 and keeping it at the same level. Plus there is always the chance that one or another thing breaks or deletes keys/programs that are specific to your iphone.

There’s also supposedly another unlock possible from the iPhone Dev/Elite team, but they are keeping it secret until after the SDK is released. IF the SDK is released as scheduled for end of Januari, of course….