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400th blog post !

I just noticed that this is my 400th blog post – I started blogging using WordPress on Januari 17, 2005 – more than 5 years ago ! Somewhere on the site there’s a link to an earlier blog of mine using Bloxsom, but I quickly switched over to WordPress.

WordPress has been – for me – the ideal Content Publishing Management (CMS) system.

400 posts means about 6 blog posts per month on average, something which surprised me – I actually thought it was less.

My first post was about the birthday of Tom, it’s fitting to put a picture of the family as it is now.

A picture of the Boschmans Family
A picture of the Boschmans Family end of 2009.

Onwards to another 400 blog posts or another 5 years, whichever comes first !

Blog News

Excellent day at Plopsaland

We were very lucky yesterday and had an excellent day at plopsaland. The one day in the week it didn’t rain.

Today was a typical seaside day – RAINY ! 🙁