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Happy Happy

This weekend I became 37 years old. What with taking care of Dolores and Tom it almost completely slipped my mind. However, even though Dolores can’t get out of the house, she co-opted her parents, and I did get some presents from Dolores and Tom, even a small bottle of pink champagne, which was simply excellent when sipped in our garden at noon beneath the shade of our giant parasol. We had a very nice mini-barbeque event to celebrate it.

Actually, I found it quite refreshing that I had ‘forgotten’ my birthday – no week long gloomy considerations of what I did or did not do last year, where I went wrong and what I still want to accomplish. Instead a real surprising ‘hey! It’s my birthday’!

A few things I’m scratching of my list of still-to-do’s, as these are becoming fairly unrealistic time-wise :
– being rich before my fifties – naaaaah, foggeddaboudit
– stopping with work when I’m fifty – nope, won’t get there either

Other than that, I feel very happy at what I accomplished already – I have a son and a wife I adore, a family worth having, and a house with a great big garden worth living in. And Belgian Summers are becoming more and more real summers, or should that be ‘greenhouse’ summers ?

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Gallery Upgrade

Today I upgraded my ‘Gallery‘ soft to version 1.5. Seems a lot more stable now, with a lot more options now (almost too many).

I’m still not convinced that Gallery is the right software for me, as I only use about 10% of it’s capabilities.

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Tom can write !

Today, Thursday April 21, Tom (3 years and 3 months old) for the very first time wrote his own first name on a piece of paper ! I’m sure that he has been learning how to at school, and he wrote OTM instead of TOM, but the letters were very clear, he didn’t copy them of anything else, and he clearly knew what he was doing.

This is the VERY FIRST TIME he has actually done this at home, I am absolutely ELATED !!!!

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Home Update

Dolores (and our soon to be borne child) are home and healthy, although she has to take medication and rest to prevent contractions. That means quite a bit less spare time for me as I become a ‘man of the house’ aka do-it-all.

Even so, I like having her here – better than visiting her in the hospital every evening with Tom.

Tom especially is happy that his mummy is back. He didn’t talk a lot about her being in hospital, but when I talked to him about it he would start asking questions, making sure that mummy was coming back, that she had to stay there because the doctor said so.

We get a lot of hugs from him now that both parents are in one place again !

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Pocket PC Amiga Emulator

Haaaaa – I didn’t think it could be done, emulating an Amiga with all it’s custom chips on an itty-bitty pocket pc, but it seems that I was wrong 🙂 🙂 🙂 : there exists an amiga emulator for the pocket pc (Windows 2003 SE edition).

I haven’t tested it out yet, I will let you know if it is playable or not.

Update :
Some things work, but not (yet) all of them. The emulator itself starts up fine, the game starts up fine, but my simulated mouse buttons don’t work, they should be mapped to the ‘calendar’ button as well as the ‘contacts’ button, but they are not responding. So you get a start screen where you can move the mouse but not much more. Apparently on some pocket pc’s it does work, however not on my iPAQ hx2410. Too new a model ?

Apparently it’s a one-man project, and it seems that the author doesn’t always have time to work on it, there are long periods of silence. Lets hope that he can finish the project, it’s very close to being usable !!

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WP Plugins to investigate :

Here are some plugins which I’ll be looking at (mostly this is a note to myself).

  • Backup your WordPress : One-Click Backup for WP 1.5 – also read the tutorial ! Done.
  • For small to medium large databases,
    your WP database once a year.
  • Have a icon showing the local weather. Use this link to find your weather station code. Done.
  • Statistics for your blog : Ba Stats. Done.
  • Here’s another note to myself : reminder : BACKUP BEFORE DOING ANYTHING ! Done.

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    Another update

    Dolores is home, but has to take beta-inhibitors (which have some nasty side-effects) to prevent contractions. She has to rest a lot, which means that I have to do most of the housekeeping, but better this than her in hospital. I look at it as a preparation for when our second child arrives !

    The car has been repared, free of charge (it’s got a 2-year warranty, and it’s not yet a year old) and is back with us.

    I’ve started looking into a gps solution for the car – I’m currently looking at the iPaq hx2410 handheld together with a TomTom gps solution, more on this later…

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    Vacation it was not !

    Well, we were supposed to take a midweek vacation in a Sunparc domain. A way to relax before the strenuous business of having a new baby and all that comes with it. At the end of the very first day, while walking between pools in the sub-tropical swimming paradise, Dolores slipped and did a belly-flop. Now this is not the thing to do when you’re 7 months pregnant.
    She was not hurt badly, but both her and me were in shock and concerned for the baby, so we went to the local hospital in Veurne to do a check-up. The gynecologist at hand did not find anything wrong with the baby, but the monitor showed that there were some contractions. It was decided she would stay overnight.
    Tom and I went back to our little house to spend the night, thinking we would pick her up the next day. We both had a hard time getting to sleep, and Tom woke up at 3 crying for his mommy.
    In the morning Dolores called me – the contractions continued, she had to receive a medicine to stop them, but this meant a 3-day stay-over in the hospital. This was prolonged for 3 more days as the contractions came back after the first dose of the medicine.
    Dolores is back home since Sunday, everything seems to be ok, but she has to rest as much as she can.

    On top of that, when I wanted to drive home on Friday to pick up some clothes for her, the car broke down. I had to have it towed to Halle, as it was full of our vacation stuff, and my replacement car is a Renault Clio.

    I’ll be busy the next few weeks…

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    Privateer Remake!

    Privateer was a DOS game made by Origin sometime in the 1990’s, when a 486 CPU with 8 MB RAM was still the top of the line ! I remember buying it and being flabbergasted by the video and renders in the game intro.

    A group of people took the opensource vegastrike engine, and rewrote Privateer with up-to-date graphics.

    Version 1.0 is out *NOW* and it’s playable for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. The file weighs in at 178 MB, so you are advised to use a bittorent download if your internet pipe is not large enough (and it keeps their ISP happy).

    Go get it !

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    Something on my mind

    When I was young, each choice was a sacrifice.
    Now that I am older, each sacrifice is made by choice.