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Vacation it was not !

Well, we were supposed to take a midweek vacation in a Sunparc domain. A way to relax before the strenuous business of having a new baby and all that comes with it. At the end of the very first day, while walking between pools in the sub-tropical swimming paradise, Dolores slipped and did a belly-flop. Now this is not the thing to do when you’re 7 months pregnant.
She was not hurt badly, but both her and me were in shock and concerned for the baby, so we went to the local hospital in Veurne to do a check-up. The gynecologist at hand did not find anything wrong with the baby, but the monitor showed that there were some contractions. It was decided she would stay overnight.
Tom and I went back to our little house to spend the night, thinking we would pick her up the next day. We both had a hard time getting to sleep, and Tom woke up at 3 crying for his mommy.
In the morning Dolores called me – the contractions continued, she had to receive a medicine to stop them, but this meant a 3-day stay-over in the hospital. This was prolonged for 3 more days as the contractions came back after the first dose of the medicine.
Dolores is back home since Sunday, everything seems to be ok, but she has to rest as much as she can.

On top of that, when I wanted to drive home on Friday to pick up some clothes for her, the car broke down. I had to have it towed to Halle, as it was full of our vacation stuff, and my replacement car is a Renault Clio.

I’ll be busy the next few weeks…

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