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Pocket PC Amiga Emulator

Haaaaa – I didn’t think it could be done, emulating an Amiga with all it’s custom chips on an itty-bitty pocket pc, but it seems that I was wrong 🙂 🙂 🙂 : there exists an amiga emulator for the pocket pc (Windows 2003 SE edition).

I haven’t tested it out yet, I will let you know if it is playable or not.

Update :
Some things work, but not (yet) all of them. The emulator itself starts up fine, the game starts up fine, but my simulated mouse buttons don’t work, they should be mapped to the ‘calendar’ button as well as the ‘contacts’ button, but they are not responding. So you get a start screen where you can move the mouse but not much more. Apparently on some pocket pc’s it does work, however not on my iPAQ hx2410. Too new a model ?

Apparently it’s a one-man project, and it seems that the author doesn’t always have time to work on it, there are long periods of silence. Lets hope that he can finish the project, it’s very close to being usable !!

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