Akono HB-300 Bluetooth Headset (2)

I’ve now used the Akono HBH-300 bluetooth headset for several months, time for an update. You may recall that I was not undividedly happy about it.

Recently I have paired the headset with my iPAQ and with my G4 Powerbook – both connections were made without a problem. Listening to a Donna Summer mp3 is entirely possible, should you want to, but the quality piped into your ear is not very great. Still, you have to remember the headset was made for phone conversations, not high-fidelity music.
I’m just happy that it works, this means that if and when I buy and install TomTom5+GPS in my car I can listen to the directions via the headset. Should save me some trouble when Dolores and Tom are singing songs in the car 🙂 .

Another thing that bugged me was the fact that I could not turn the headset off. It’s probably me not RTFM, but you just have to press (and hold!) the ‘accept’ button for a couple of seconds and it will beep once and turn itself off. Same thing turns it on again. Duh, really.

While I previously thought it could not be done, I’ve found out that when I initiate the call, I can choose wether I want to send it to the headset or not. However, when calls are made to my phone, they go directly to my headset, even when I press ‘accept’ on my phone.

As to the connection losses I’ve experienced before, I’ve not used it a lot outside anymore. In buildings or vehicles everything works fine, quality is fine.

Update : I found the setting on my phone that asks me each time how I want the call set up. Finally !

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