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What about flex on this blogpost ?

For those few regular readers out there, they have probably noticed that I no longer post regularly about Adobe Flex.

Please be assured that this is not out of the picture ! Rather, I wanted to learn Flex enough to get by in it. It’s been *very* interesting, but also very hard sometimes to wrap my head around Actionscript and MXML. Now that I know a bit about what I can do with Flex, I’ve started again with Python and more specifically with CherryPy.

CherryPy is a very easy-to-use web framework that you can use to set up your own webserver in a flash. It provides a basic syntax for setting up the webservice, then scurries out of the way, letting you ‘get on with it’, whatever that may be.

Currently I’m setting up a local Webserver (using CherryPy) and this is where most of my time has gone to.

Once the python application on there has been created (and most of it has) I then will head back to Flex and it’s usages as a reporting tool – I’ll be trying to use PyAMF as the glue between python functions and Flex datagrids.

Anyways, more on that later…

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