WeightManDesktop, an AIR application for Weightman (iTunes)


Here’s a small application called WeightManDesktop that I wrote as a proof of concept to see how difficult it was to import a csv file and process it in actionscript. I blogged about it earlier here.

It uses the csv file that is generated by WeightMan (iTunes link), a free iPhone program that allows you to note your weight over time intervals. Weightman allows you to export your entries in csv and sent them by mail to your desktop. I wanted a desktop application that could display all the entries in one go.

The iPhone app is made by Katachi studios. I did try to contact them to let them know I was posting this, but as their site is partly in japanese and there is only a small english page, I couldn’t find the contact email… [update: I managed to contact them, and they seem happy with it 🙂 ]

To use the program, use the install badge below – it’s an AIR application, so you need to first install the run-time air player as well if you haven’t done so before. I’ll make a proper install badge for it sometime in the future if or when I revise the program.

Use the source button on the bottom of the screen to locate the csv file and import it. Two graphs will then be shown, one showing your weight and one showing your body mass index level, as calculated by Weightman.  There’s a toggle button to show only the last 30 entries as well.

It’s a very basic first release, but I may add additional functionality it in the future. If you would like an improvement or see something to fix, please leave a comment.

[Update: link changed to point to version 0.2 – changes are described here]

[airbadge] WeightManDesktop,, 0.2,[/airbadge]

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