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Getting easy_install to run for Python 2.6

StackOverflow is a great new website for all kinds of programmers.

Flex, Python or any other language programmers can ask questions there and receive answers, or usually, find out their questions have already been asked before and the answers are already there.

Python 2.6 has just come out, and a very easy install tool (called, appropriately, easy_install) has not yet been ported to the windows version of Python 2.6.

StackOverflow has the question, and several answers !

Once easy_install is installed and has been added to your PATH, it’s a breeze to install additional site-packages to your python setup, like pyodbc or the cheetah templating engine or pyamf just by running the command ‘easy_install <programname>’ in a dos box where <programname> is the name of your program.

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