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A great idea ?

Just got a great idea, or well, perhaps just an idea.

My son Sam, who is almost 2.5 years old, always wants to see animation movies (especially Wall-E) on my iMac. I can start them up for him, but sometimes he wanders into my computer den on his own and starts banging on keys to see if he can do it (he has a VERY strong will of his own and doesn’t always ask what he wants).

One time I actually needed to reboot my iMac, and I still don’t know how he activated one function that involved screen scrolling – I can’t even find it back in the settings !

Wouldn’t it be great to have a screensaver running that could identify Sam (some toys nowadays already can do that, so what not an iMac) and propose him to run animation. Or perhaps you could configure it to automatically start playing content (animation, movies) from a specified folder when somebody walks by that it recognises ?

That way my computer could be locked and he could still come and check his animation out…

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