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Running again

Yesterday my wife started running again, the first time after the festivities. Inspired by her and my once-again bulging belly, I resolved to go running as well, so after the children were off to bed, I went out in the dark, windy and cold evening for a small 3 kilometer circuit. The last time I had gone for a run previously was the 24th of december, and before that only twice in November (for which I don’t have data as this was in France on weekend vacation).

For the first and a half kilometer I was cold, with cold sweat on my brow. Even though my head was covered, the cold wind managed to chill me. Breathing was very hard, probably also because my seasonal asthma is kicking in. It couldn’t be because of my speed, as 7.25 minutes per km or worse is not exactly fast !

But after my half-way point it seemed that my body suddenly remembered what it was supposed to do, and suddenly I was no longer cold, my breathing became easier and my feet found their rhythm again.

And wonder of wonders, my right knee/upper leg decided to play along and didn’t give me any trouble at all. Perhaps because I stretched my leg muscles before starting to run ? I’m still apprehensive that this pain in my upper leg will return, so we’ll have to wait and see.

It was a good run. I didn’t really like the darkness, I prefer seeing where I run, I like running with the setting sun, but all in all I was very glad that I had done this.

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