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Bioshock woes

The community around Bioshock is in an uproar over several issues (SecuRom, Field of View, broken figurines), and I am starting to get annoyed as well. I stayed up just last night to get the game installed, and it takes a looooong time. Easely lost 20 to 30 minutes just seeing the progress bar inch forward while it consumes about 8 Gigabytes on your disk or so.

Then, after that very long wait time, you get a message that it will update the game by downloading the latest patch. Which takes a slightly less long time by itself. And then it says the downloaded patch is corrupt. Try Again ? Same result.

After four times with the same result and meanwhile long past midnight, I gave up. And guess what ? It automatically deinstalls the game so you have to go through the install process again. Grrrr.

I found a reference to it on the 2kgames forums, but no solution. I’ve asked an official question on the Take 2 Games site, so far unresolved.

Update : This morning I tried again, and surprise, surprise it worked. Let’s see if I can finally play this game!

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