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Bioshock – Medical Pavillion (small spoiler)

I’ve just stopped playing Bioshock – it’s very entertaining, and very well thought out. I’m still in the Medical Pavilion, so not exactly very far into the game, but it’s good stuff. You get surprises all over the place, ranging from splicers hiding behind corners jumping you when you pass to collecting stuff and suddenly realizing that you can hear someone else !

That is the most deranging part of it – you see, in any other game I played when a new enemy appeared, he was either silent or bellowing. Here you hear those mad splicers muttering things, sane things that are so out of scene that they become totally weird, and they wander around, not necessarily looking for you.

The most scary part so far was when in the morgue, in a dark passage to a well lit place I saw a shadow of a man working on ‘something’. Stepping back, admiring his work… ignorant of you. So you rush up out of the water and just at that moment… the light goes out(select the white text on the left if you want to know).


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You passed the bioshock virus to me. I am lucky that my video card is not powerful enough (found out after downloading the demo) otherwise I would be losing my sleep hours too. I was just forgetting about it when I stumbled upon a gian big daddy in FNAC. Nearly bought an Nvidia 8800 just to play the game but then I changed my mind and bought an 8 Gb nano with the nike podometer. Let’s see if I ever manage to run !

Hey, you made the right decision !


Really, you *know* you made the right decision. Just start slowly, don’t overdo your runs in the beginning, if you really follow the start2run thingie your first run should be a piece of cake, nothing stressful (that comes later on). And you can always play Bioshock later…

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