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Not a runner. Yet.

I’ve just went running for the 26th time and when I came back and uploaded the data, the nikeplus website surprised me with a banner congratulating me with running the 100 kilometers – on to 250 !

Strange how I didn’t notice that since April I’ve run 100 kilometers !!! It’s incredible when I look back on it, but it’s really motivating (it’s slightly demotivating though when you look at the leaderboard and see the top 10 people have run each more than 4000 kilometers). I can feel like sh*te and be tired from a long day at work, but still want to go out and run, so I guess I can say (for now) : yes, I am addicted.

Nike has launched some new adverts – I like them all, especially the new mom and french Sofia, but this one tops them all (you need sound though !) :
Man Runner

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