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Tom broke his arm

Yesterday Tom was in the care center that is organised by the school, for the second day. In the afternoon, while playing, he fell from a climbing ladder and one way or another broke his arm, just above the elbow; my guess from hearing him recount it and reading the report provided by the care center admin is that he was climbing the fitness ladder attached to the wall, and perhaps misjudged a step and fell while hanging on the ladder by one arm.

Dolores was first alerted around noon, after the care admin had already visited a doctor which asked them to go immediately to ’emergency’.

The pressure has snapped the upper arm bone just above the elbow; a nasty fracture apparently, which can’t be set simply in plaster; it needed to be set with metal splints via an operation- ouch. Plus they’ll need to be taken out again somewhere around september.


Tom has braved the operation and I saw him yesterday after he woke up again – he’s fine, and very, very brave, but his vacation will not be the carefree one we envisioned for him.

Still, I’m very happy he didn’t hurt his head or fracture a leg – at least with the arm, he’ll be able to move around and not be stuck to the sofa.

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