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Running 5 km

Start 2 Run is working for me.

Yesterday I went for a run again, after a few days of rest. The run went smoothly, legs pumping away rythmically under me like they didn’t belong to me !  I had some spectacular views as the clouds were releasing their rain in veils south of me, while I was running under a blueish sky and north of me some thunderheads were going way up in the sky. One was so high it got illuminated by the sun.

The last 4 runs or so have all been over 5 km, with less and less rest inbetween the running periods. I’ve already run 3 times 10 minutes, and yesterday I ran 2 times 15 minutes.

What surprises me the most is that my breathing is under control – I recuperate fairly easily now from running, and my speed seems to be the correct one – sometimes it seems as if I can continue to run forever (only for a little while, but still, a nice feeling).

I just hope I don’t damage or sprain anything in knees or legs so that I can continue these lessons. Dolores has started the program as well, we run on alternate days of course.

Still not lost any weight though…

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