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Sam goes Potty

Sam is 2 years old and counting, and since the last 2 weeks or so we are training him to go to the potty to do pipi and all that.

Until saturday it wasn’t working out to well – he just didn’t feel ‘it’ starting. He would look down with a surprised face when there is suddenly water pooling around his feet.  He even managed to do poo while not noticing it until afterward, and then being scared of it – which is logical, since wearing diapers he never saw it before…

That’s until we figured out a way to keep him on the potty – candy ! Every time he uses the potty, he gets a (small) candy. And that saterday he went two times, one time with us putting him on it, and once more all by himself in the afternoon !

I am SOooo proud of my little guy !!

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